Saturday, 10 December 2011

mammootty is not a superstar

                                       Referring to comedian Tini Tom's reference to Mammootty 'being the only real superstar in the Malayalam film industry,' the actor requested all his fans to stop referring to him as a superstar as he believes that the word 'superstar' has turned into an offensive term. 

                            When comedian Tini Tom said that Mammootty is the only real superstar in the Malayalam film industry, Mammootty said, “Superstars seem to be the cause of all the problems in our industry. In fact, the epithet has turned into an offensive term."

                    Mammootty added that though it is an honour to be called a superstar, he would be happier to be called an actor, considering the accusations that are often inflicted upon superstars. 

                             Senior actors like Mammootty and Mohanlal have oft and on been accused of reigning the Malayalam film industry. They have been blamed for dominating Mollywood and not allowing any youngsters to enter the Malayalam film industry. The senior actors have also been accused of romancing with younger heroines, who are half their age. 

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