Saturday, 10 December 2011

I always considered myself as a frog in a deserted well through out my stay in the village and all my years of education.Once I left the village looking for a job I started realising the beauty of Kearala and the Village in particular.My contemporaries will say we lived in a village with no electricity,no bridges across the river,no hospitals ,no entertaintment and many more no's.
Things have changed dramatically,I suppose, with better education and more interactions especially through visual medium of communication and fastest mode of transport.The country has Economically improved and the fruits of economic development have trickled down to the village and raised the standard of living of the people and broadened their social outlook.

I vouch that the urbanisation which is taking place rapidly will slow down and a reverse effect will take place as people will be fed up of the din and bustle of the frantic township and earnestly will be longing to go back to their roots.
Where on earth you hear the chirping sound of birds in the dawn,sight of their nesting in the dusk,music of the petty brooks from the mountains ,honking of railway engines,innocent gatherings at twlights .................many more and the like.
My dear friends the happiness you get when you live in harmony with nature can never be found in the concrete jungles.Please preserve the land in the village atleast for a holiday cottage and donot let the unscruplous people to use them for commercial purpose.
Here in Africa we see many villages like ours and they remind me my childhood days as their children still climb on fruit tress or pelt stones to get them down.
The photos I see on Face Book of my village can never be compared with any place in the world.So natural and green and resembles lile the oil painting of a renowned artist.
Within 15 to 20 years there will be more demand for cottages and Homestays in our village and I am sure educated English speaking youngsters can encash them by attracting passionate tourists.

I wish Renjith and the group all the best.


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